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Komodo Dragon in Rinca Island

Private Trip to Rinca Island with Speed Boat

Rinca Island is one of the ‘home’ of Komodo dragon in Komodo National Park. This private Rinca trip package would like to bring you to see the dragon in their natural habitatance. Besides that, Rinca Island is the nearest place to meet Komodo dragon. We offer only private trip to Rinca in order to give you a special experience to meet Komodo.

We put another activity such as snorkeling and hiking in this package.

Here is the itinerary:

We will pick you up at the airport or hotel. Then you will be dropped to the jetty. Our team will accompany you during the trip.

First place to visit is Kelor Island. This Island located around 25 minutes from Labuan Bajo. At this Island, you will hike to its top to see the panoramic view.

After hiking at Kelor, boat will bring you to Menjerite Island as your second stop. In Menjerite, Most of your time spends for snorkeling. You will find corals and fishes during your snorkeling activity.

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Third place is Rinca Island. It takes 35 minutes from Menjerite. In Rinca, you will meet Komodo Dragon. Most of the trek activity is in plain area. Three kinds of trekking distance will be offered to you: Short Trek, Medium Trek, and Long Trek.

Finally after visited Rinca, you’ll sail back directly to Labuan Bajo around 1 hour. Our driver will drop you directly to Hotel or airport.

Why you should choose this package? Here is the reason:

You still have chance to see Komodo dragon or doing other activities even though your time is limited. This tour is flexible; you can start it in the morning or afternoon.


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