One Day Trip With Private Speedboat to Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park and Tour Packages

Komodo National Park is the ‘home’ of Komodo Dragon (Varanus Komodoensis). This park established by Indonesian government in 1980. Total wide of this national park is 173.000 ha.

The width mostly dominated by the three biggest Islands which is Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island.

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Padar Island

The existance of Komodo Dragon is the main treasure of this park. Komodo live in the five islands inside the park.

These five islands are Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, Gili Motang, and Nusa Kode.

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In this one day tour, you’ll be able to visit Komodo Island. You’ll visit Loh Liang bay to see and meet the dragon in their nature.

Beside Komodo Island, you’ll also reach Padar Island, Manta Point, Pink Beach and other main spots inside the park.

In order to create the best experince during your holiday in this park, we provide one day tour package with a private speedboat.

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Why private speedboat? Only private trip allows you to stay longer at each spots. You’ll enjoy the spectacular view of Padar Island without being worried of limited time.

You can interact with Komodo dragon without hesitation. You are able to enjoy snorkeling at the Pink Beach in a longer time.

The most important value of every private trip is your deep experience with the people and nature around the park.

We believe, when you decide to visit Komodo, you really want to get the best experience from Komodo National Park. And we value your time!

So, this is the itinerary of our One Day Trip with Private Speed Boat for you: LABUAN BAJO – PADAR ISLAND – LONG PINK BEACH – KOMODO ISLAND – TAKA MAKASAR – MANTA POINT – KANAWA ISLAND

Pick up time and meeting point

We will pick you up with a private car from your hotel or airport. Then, our driver will drop you off at the jetty where the speed boat ready to bring you to Komodo National Park.

You will meet our team at the jetty. The pick up time is around 5:45 am in the morning or depend on your arrival time at the aiport.

Padar Island: Spectacular view of three colored bays

The speedboat will leave the jetty and bring you to the first spot: Padar Island. Padar is known as the three biggest island inside the park which has the spectacular panoramic view.

Komodo One Click Padar
Padar Island

You will walk through 800 stairs to get the view from the top. The stop point of the trekking divided into five (5) posts. So, you have to enjoy every step of the hike!

Once you reach the top at the fifth post, take your time to enjoy the view.

 Long Pink Beach: Pink Sandy Beach

It’s the time for snorkeling or beach time. At the pink beach you have the opportunity to snorkel around the beach. Most of the reef site is soft coral. Sometimes you will see turtles swim with thousands of colorful fish.

Pink Beach

The pink sand is created from the red corals which scattered along the beach. The small part of these red corals mixed with the white sand. The perfect mixture of white and red corals creates the pinky sand.

Komodo Island: Home of Giant Lizard

After getting wet on the beach, we will bring you to Komodo Island. Its just 20 minutes sail from Pink Beach. The speed boat will  anchored at Loh Liang; the local name of the bay. Loh means bay and Liang means cave or nest for the dragon.

Komodo komodooneclick
Ora; Komodo Dragon

You’ll meet the local guide or ranger in this bay. They will accompany and explain to you about Komodo Dragon. We will choose one the three options of trekk: short trekking, medium trekking, and long trekking. Each trekk spend around 1 – 3 hours.

As mentioned before, Komodo Island is the biggest Island in the park. Local people from Komodo village live side by side with Komodo. Since the area become national park, most of local people work in tourism.

During your trekking time, you are able to see Komodo dragon,deers, wild pig, wild chicken, birds, and other wild animal. In their food chain system; Komodo drogon stays on the top. You will also have the opportunity to take pictures with dragon.

Taka Makasar: Moon Island

This is the only sand bank with moon shaped in the park! Lays in the middle of the park, Taka Makasar become the best place to swim. The super cristal clear water reflected the colour blue sky.

Taka Makasar Komodo One Click
Taka Makasar

You can take pictures, videos, and make the most of your time here. You can explore the area around the sand bank with snorkeling. Its only white sand, but the water is really clean and clear. The sand is also super smooth. Enjoy your beach time!

Manta Point: Snorkeling with Manta Rays

When we talk about Komodo National Park, we will talk about Komodo and Manta Rays. These two treasures just make your holiday meet its perfect. So, now we bring you to Manta spot.

Around 5 minutes from Taka Makasar. Put on your snorkeling equipment and ready to jump around the area.

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You will swim around the Manta spot. The best tips is: follow the current and make sure your snorkeling equipments settled well in your body. Then, enjoy your Manta time.

Kanawa Island: Colorfull Fish

After swim with Manta Rays, now we spend more time at Kanawa Island; the last spot of this tour. Its around 25 minutes sail from Manta Point.

Kanawa Komodo One Click
Kanawa Island

Kanawa is a small Island, has a nice beach and become one of the best spot for snorkeling. This island located around 30 mintes from Labuan Bajo. All day trip boats will come to Kanawa for their last destination.

So, once we arrive in Kanawa, we will snorkeling around the jetty. The coral is colorfull with lots of fish. Our guide will accompany you during snorkeling activity. When you swim a bit far from the jetty, the current sometimes very strong. Do not forget to swim to the safe part of swim directly to the beach.

There is small bar in this island. If you need some cold drinks, you can buy some and enoy before heading back to Labuan Bajo. When everything is done, we will leave Kanawa island and sail back to Labuan Bajo.

Our driver will pick you up at the jetty and drop you off at the hotel. This is the end of the one day tour with private speedboat.

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Speedboat to Komodo

Price include: One private speedboat, English speaking tour guide, lunch box, mineral water, snacks, snorkeling equipment, and pick up/drop of services.

Price exclude: Komodo National Park entrance fee tickets, personal expenses, and tipping.

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