No Traveler Away from Far Away

Finding Other Souls

Travelling is always worth for most of the travelers. Deeply interact with local people is one of the best experience which can be found by the travelers. 

French novelist Anais Nin said: “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, and other souls”.

Nin convinced us that when we go to new places we absorbs new lives and the souls from other living beings. We are also directed by the universe to be brave in exploring the beauty of God’s creation.

When you travel to Flores you are exploring the best part of this universe. Its beauty, people, and culture will give you another perspectives of life.


Pure Smile of Locals

Pure smile from the lip of local people somewhere in Flores could be a warmest welcome sign to you. Once you got to their life, you are not a stranger anymore. No matter how different your skin, language, and food with them, they will embrace you as one family and brotherhood.

Flores people live in a very simple virtue of life: trust and open to every good things in life. They will open their heart to take you to their community and show you what they have.


 ‘Flores Chapter’

Saint Augustine said “the world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page”. When you reach Flores, you are not away from far away, you are reading the best chapter of world’s book.

You’ll be amazed by Komodo Dragon –the largest living lizard –, the beauty of Padar Island, Mount Kelimutu crater lake with three colors, Wae Rebo –the village above the sky –and many more to be find in the book.

Once you begin the chapter, pages by pages of ‘Flores chapter’ giving you a thrilling sensation.

When you reach this article, this might be your bridge to connect with Flores Island and you have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful Island in the world.

Let’s put Flores in your travel plan!

We’ll see you someday!

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