Exploring Ndara Local Village

Beyond Komodo and Labuan Bajo

Looking for a unique experience in Flores for you to explore is the aim of this village tour package. Ndara village located in the middle of the plateau of Flores main road.

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You will just hop from the main road around 25 minutes to reach this village. Riding or driving slow on a bumpy road is the way how you should meet and greet the locals.

This is truly different activity compare to Labuan Bajo as the most developed town in Flores. Mostly travellers join sailing trip program and stay in Labuan Bajo. 

Local life

As you explore the village; you will discover a different way of life. Putting so much effort in farm made this community live in a very deep relation with traditional farming system.

They plant various kind of trees and vegetables to support the availability of food on the table. You will experience this certain way of living during this tour. Locals will show anything you need to see in the village.

A must-see spot

As a reflection of farming life, local people of Ndara village built a huge altar in the middle of the village to renew the connection with the ancestor. This rounded altar is a place to give sacrificial offerings to the souls.

Good or bad life depends on meaning of each ceremony. You will only witness this kind of life here in the village. This must see spot called Compang. 

Best Time

If you travel to Ruteng, Ende, and Maumere from Labuan Bajo, you will be easier to reach Ndara village. Morning visit to the village is fantastic. You will be easily meet local people in their morning activity around the house. We will guide you to interact with them during the tour.

Booking & Price

This tour can be booked in personal and group. Price will be customized depend on the request. Kindly reach us through Whatsapp or Email for question and inquiries.

What to bring?

You have to bring hat, sun block, mosquito repellent, camera, and some cash for personal expenses. 

The Altar “Compang”
Cacao Fruit

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